Wednesday, November 9, 2016

LISTEN: Woodgrain Grip - "Chemistry"

Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way first. As you read this you may still be reeling from the idea of Donald J. Trump becoming President-Elect. It's trippy to be sure but trouble don't last always.

Don't believe me?

I understand it sounds like an empty sentiment but there are other things to occupy your consciousness.

For example, good ass music. It's been proven time and again that music has a certain power in our life. It can alter moods without effort.

This brings me to New GA's Woodgrain Grip.

On my usual perusal of Facebook I stumbled across a status of his [Grip's] asking for five minutes of your time to check out his latest track "Chemistry". I saw this and figured that instead of wasting those three hundred seconds on some other pursuit I could give a listen.

I was not disappointed.

"Chemistry" is a smooth track that gives the immediate vibe of a dapper gentleman spitting the most eloquent game to the beauty sitting shotgun as his hand grips (no pun intended) her thigh. Grip delivers this one with his unique flow and the ever present Southern drawl of one Georgia born.

For the expanse of five minutes Grip evokes the spirit of Outkast's cool wordplay and Big K.R.I.T.'s casual confidence as his vocals dance over exquisite production and a well used female vocal on the hook that bears a sample of 8Ball & MJG's "Space Age Pimping". Grip puts forth a stellar flow here, one that speaks of all the things he'll do to please her once the Cadillac floats towards its destination. Pure chemistry to follow, really.

A few favorite lines include:

"Hey baby, hop off in this 'Lac of mine/Because I just washed this bitch up/And having you in it would be the finishing touch..."

"Surround sound around us/To drown out reality/When we get to where we're going/I'll turn that pussy to a casualty..."

This track is meant to be played to set the mood between you and your lady. Just one drop of this will really get the chemistry going and nothing else will matter.

Listen to it here: Woodgrain Grip - Chemistry

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