Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hottest Track of 2011: Final Results

***HOTTEST TRACKS OF 2011***Congrats to DubFromVA feat Dim Dudez who took home the #1 spot with their track "Generational Madness".  Here are the final results of the countdown:

#10 - J Blak: General Labor
#9 - B Dubb: Gots to Get it
#8 - Hop Da Great: Walk on By
#7 - Easy: The Mission
#6 - Mz Genesiz: Keep the Party Moving
#5 - Sted D, Illa Fatz, Mz Genesiz: Smile 4 Me
#4 - Jay Thrill: Ain't Got to Lie
#3 - Runt Dawg: He's a Beast
#2 - Jay Kahma: Loud
#1 - DubFromVA ft Dim Dudez: Generational Madness

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