Sunday, July 24, 2011

America We Trust! (Mic Sexual July 2011)

Now I just have a question. How is America in debt?  I know I didn't help create it. I have my own debt to worry about it and I don't see America giving me a lending hand.  Its just funny how the rich can stay rich and the only people suffering is the poor & lower classes.  When it comes to budget cuts, who is the first to get sliced?  Schools and programs built to help those in need get cut first. Yeah people have f*ud up over the years by taking advantage of the system or milking it, but at the end of the day, whether right or wrong, people will do what they have to do to make ends.

Now with saying that, if America is in debt, how come the whole economy isn't suffering?  The ones that are feeling the lashes is the ones getting spanked.  Who is getting spanked?  You & I.  Who is doing the spanking?  Everyone else who can go to sleep at night restfully knowing that they still have millions/billions in the bank when they awake in the morning!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

From Drugs to Rehab; From Life to Death...Amy Winehouse got a chance to share her vision of music with the world.  We can not judge because we have all experienced or seen some kind of addiction in our lives.  All we can do is pray for ourselves and each other.  We thought we were in the last days 10 years ago...the world today proves that we have slowly crept into living in the last hours.  Just think about what will happen when we get down to the last about seconds?  Time is precious!  Be thankful for God waking you up each and every day!

Here is a video from Amy we have all known and loved...RIP 

Deadly Crash in Downtown Seattle

There was a deadly crash in the downtown Seattle area early this morning.  The accident occurred around 4am this morning.  A preliminary investigation found that a speeding car lost control and ran into 3 empty taxis.  The fatal crash happened on the corner of 6th & Union, leaving 1 person dead and 3 people injured.  It is being reported that 2 out of the 3 injured have life threatening injuries.

BREAKING NEWS:  I work on the corner of 6th & Union right where the accident took place.  What I found out from sources (and what the other stations haven't heard or reported yet), is that the reason Union was blocked off for so long was because the scene needed to be thoroughly investigated.  The reason being so is because there were bullet holes found in the side of the crashed car.  I also heard that the driver tried to flee the scene as well as the person found dead on the scene was either decapitated and/or unidentifiable from the accident.  No other information given.

Picture & story courtesy of Komo News and Downtown Seattle News.  

*Courtesy of TazDatMC

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Skidatel is looking for writers!

If you can write about those must have fashions, fine dining experiences, places to be and/or music to cop...then we are looking for you!  What we are looking for is a dedicated, loyal and creative writer to share their vision with our readers each month.  If you are interested in writing about your experiences, that is the first step!  The second step is to contact us with your inquiry.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Royalty Magazine: Summer Issue 2011

Summer Issue Now Available

Want to be featured in the next issue of Royalty Magazine?  Contact us