Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Steady Come Up...

The best decision I’ve ever made is to put my support and patronage behind the movement known as #NewGA. It’s one of those choices that keeps paying dividends.

Thus far I’ve heard the soulful sounds of India Catrice as her voice dances over the maestro and the music.

I am well acquainted with Barz Bamu and TrailBlazzor Muzik, that amazing duo of brethren known as the Fly Mind Poets. On (or rather in) everything they bring a higher prospective and a depth that cannot be matched by many indie or mainstream artists. Even as I write this I’m humming “Scholarship Problems” and “Sink In”.

I got acquainted with the sounds and delivery of South Johansson, making sure that I first shamed the devil immediately after I told the truth.

And then there is the ever trill, ever honest, ever amazing iBeast. Since the release of Pimp Said So: The 1st Supper, I have been an avid listener. Each project that comes from him [iBeast] has been better than the one before it, a feat not many artists can claim. Not only can iBeast claim it, he can revel in it. You can see the advancement and the addition of more and more to his tool chest.

This leads us to Steady Comin’ Up, the first album. This one is unique in the sense that it’s a purchase only album. Having purchased some paraphernalia in the form of a dope and truly comfortable hoodie emblazoned with the emblem associated with the album. Based purely on the merchandise I knew I was in for something utterly special.

And I wasn’t not disappointed.  

I preface this review by saying this overview of the album took me a month to get finished with. A small part of this was my hectic schedule. The biggest part of this was that I was riding with the music in order to take in this project.

Steady Comin’ Up is a cohesive set of music. I didn’t get the deluxe edition with the bonus track but I did study over the twelve tracks and singled out a few of my favorites. So let us get into them.

Out The Mudd” strikes me first with the horn heavy production. The trumpet plays like a refrain as iBeast begins his swanging over the beat. Something in his delivery and words is entrancing, telling a better story than a wordsmith such as myself ever could.

32oz” is probably one of my favorites on the whole album. The intro of the track draws you in instantly, making your body move (particularly a nodding of the head) whether you were ready for it or not. This one achieves the perfect balance between party track and great riding music. Being that I’ve done both to this one I am an expert on it. T-Polk comes through on an equally infectious verse that sets this one apart from anything else I’ve heard in a minute. One thing I can say is that it has that perfect Texas vibe.

I’d Rather Be Hawg’n” feels like an honest heart to heart over decidedly great production. Not a lot of artists can pull that off but then again, iBeast isn’t like a lot of artists. The message or rather the theme of this one is a diatribe against fake niggas. Here he [iBeast] would rather ‘hawg’n’ than to bothered with any of the bullshit.

A surprise favorite for me was “Vogue Tires”. Before this project I had never heard any of Aniyla’s vocals.

And now?

I’m a fan. The track starts out with what sounds like a harp or some serene sounding stringed instrumentation and the angelic voice of Aniyla on the hook. iBeast plays counterpoint with his timbre and his unique delivery. This is the epitome of the riding song. I remember having my headphones as I rode home from work, this track cranked up. In a moment of listening I-20 disappeared and there was only the ride.

I’d also suggest “Fast Fwd” featuring the ever amazing South Johansson as well as “Yea Whatever” with an appearance by India Catrice.

Steady Comin’ Up. Yeah, the name first perfectly… 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Models Needed for 420 Fashion Week

Currently looking for Models to participate in 420 Fashion Week!  Spots are available in the fashion show as well as greeters and/or hosts are needed for the networking dinner and actual event.  For more information, please send twitter/Instagram or website links and at least 3 current pictures to  Please put "420 Fashion Week Model" in subject line.

Interested in attending or participating as a sponsor or vendor?  Please click here for additional information.  Tickets now available via Eventbrite.