Friday, July 20, 2012

Royalty Magazine is now Available!

In 2008, Tazzy said “Let there be light” and it was then “Time for the Underground to Shine!”

Royalty Magazine is a visual outlet for artists to promote their skills as well as gain exposure. With visions from Seattle, California, New York, Philly & Atlanta…Royalty Magazine gives it to you raw! Support the Movement by checking out the current issue at 

Did you know that Royalty Magazine has recently went to print?  Pre-order the Summer Grind issue (where you will get a sneak peek into Royalty Magazine) and receive a FREE CD!  Purchase yours now online at 

For mail in orders, send a check or money order (payable to Street Thoughts) to:

Street Thoughts
PO BOX 21024
Seattle, WA 98111 

Are you an artist ready to shine?  Royalty Magazine is now booking artists to be featured.  Click here or go to