Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Week Of 4/13-4/19)

1. Mimi Faust-I had to get around to this simply because social media and the general populous won't let it go. So Mimi Faust (and Nikko Smith, a man we will get to in a moment) decides to release a sex tape through Vivid Entertainment, the same company that put Kim Kardashian's no talent ass in the public eye. I don't really know or care what the reasoning behind was. Maybe they wanted more fame or to promote Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. Whatever the case, I had a conversation with some friends last night that illuminated a few things. Here they are:

  • If you have a camera crew and a sound guy, it's no longer a sex tape. IT'S PORN! Let's stop calling it a sex tape and call a spade exactly what it is, folks.
  • She can NEVER tell her child where her college fund came from if she plans to use those funds for a noble purpose such as that...
  • Mimi has with one move made shower rod stocks go up. Home Depot or Lowe's should invest in her now while the iron is hot.
Jokes aside, I can see the hustle but I wish there was a way to hustle without getting naked, becoming a meme and being a trending topic. Wait, there is.

VERDICT: UGLY (for the porn), GOOD (for the hustle)

2. Nikko Smith-As a man, I have NO RESPECT for this man. Charlamagne Tha God made a good point this week. He said something to the effect of a man's role isn't to put his woman, his queen in a position where she can be disrespected or seen in a negative light. In that way he has failed. I know some would say some ignorant shit like, "That nigga getting money, though..." To that I say...maybe. But is all the money worth the infamy you have garnered for yourself and your woman? Personally speaking, I think not. It's just this type of sexualization of the modern Black woman that tends to negatively impact our [men's] relationships with them. Ponder on that.

VERDICT: BAD (for putting your woman out there like that), UGLY (for the violations to The Code)

3. Prince-A big win for Prince. Not only does he return to Warner Bros. eighteen years but he regains ownership of all of his catalog. As such he will be re-releasing Purple Rain as a remastered deluxe edition just in time for the 30th anniversary of the classic album. He will also be releasing some other planned projects in the near future.  Nice!


4. Pharrell-I gotta thank the Book Of Faces (Facebook for the uninitiated) and one of my friends for this one. I really don't want to jade the issue with my thoughts. So here's the link: Pharrell interview with Oprah.

VERDICT: Your verdict here... 

5. Baseball-You know, I was having a tough time on trying to figure out how to end this edition of The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. I scrounged the Internet and saw a lot about Real Housewives and Love & Hip-Hop. I figured I dedicated 40% of this list to that so I decided against it. Then I saw all the baseball news. Apparently there are some major contracts being made, signed, and offered. If only I were more interested in baseball. Sigh...


Hip Hop Radar (Week Of 4/13-4/19)

LONDON  California Mood Music, Vol. 1: The 4:20 Experience
California Mood Music, Vol. 1: The 4:20 Experience provides smooth almost silky vocals from Oakland, CA vocalist/producer London (@LondonLand). The entire six (6) track EP speaks of marijuana smoking in such a dreamy and idyllic way that you cannot help but vibe along to it. London’s vocals and production also make that so much easier.

SUGGESTIONS: “Rollin’”, “What You Smokin’ On”, “Sativa"
RATING: 4.8 of 5

JON CONNOR  A Tribute To The Notorious B.I.G.
It is a tall order to rap over a Biggie Smalls classic. It’s tantamount to blaspheming a particular god. But with DJ Khaled himself hosting it, I had to listen. The tape, aptly named A Tribute To The Notorious B.I.G., sees rapper Jon Connor (@JonConnorMusic) using classic beats to tell his own amazing stories that seem to ensnare you as soon as he opens his mouth.

SUGGESTIONS: “Juicy’”, “Sky’s The Limit”, “Notorious Thugs"
RATING: 5 of 5


RUM  King Of The Jungle 3
Rum (@RumWeTheBest) gives us an amazing tape entitled King Of The Jungle 3. I say this because this one gives me that heavy mixtape hustle vibe I grew accustomed to growing up in Savannah, GA and attending college in Atlanta, GA. His delivery is unique and his delivery engages your ears. It has love songs, street anthems, and some deep introspection. It’s the perfect mixtape.

SUGGESTIONS: “Whining’”, “Forever My Nigga”, “My Block"
RATING: 4.5 of 5