Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Out For Blood

Okay, so there is a lot of controversy behind Maryland's first bi-sexual rapper/porn star "Imani the Misfit".  For those that don't remember...I interviewed Imani back on Streetz Radio back in 2010.  Click Here to Check my Interview with Imani...

Well Imani is still in the airwaves.  "LaSwagga" recently posted a video on youtube allegedly exposing "Imani" in more ways than one.  Check out the video here:

So what are your thoughts after viewing the video?  What are your feelings about LaSwagga's pointsDo you agree with his views on Imani or is this guy just hating? 

Here are some comments about the video:

jayceverse 1 week ago:, but after like 5 min of the sounded like hate to me...if i dont like someone 17min is way too long. but im sure he appriciates the free press

BenjaminKardashian 1 week ago:  HELL YEA!!! .. .. and we all know why u do this you are cheap sittin wit yo ass 24 hours a day at home and playin some shit like mortal kombat and stuff like that NIGGA U got NO BALLS to fight in real thats why u playin xbox shit or what ever . .. .. face yourself in the MIRROR and make a god damn DIET cuz u can't talk shit about someone when you look like a UGLY piece of fucking SHIT!!! 

So is anyone agreeing with LaSwagga or is he just full of it?  Here are some more comments:

SFCraved 1 week ago:  Yeah didn't want to produce any salt but they are pretty much fucking hypocrites how the fuck u gonna get mad at someone for hating on someone when there doing the same shit lmfao ppl are fucking retarded. Fighting someone elses battle if imani feels wrong about this video u made then he should comment on it himself and not have all his fans do it lol p.s not picking sides :P 

Can you seperate the man from the music?

Now that you have seen the videos, read the comments, what are your thoughts about this subject?  Any feedback?  Make sure you leave comments....

To read more comments or to check out more videos, please visit LaSwagga's youtube channel by clicking here...

Are you feeling Imani the Misfit?  Would you like to keep up with him and all he is doing?  Follow him on twitter at  You can also check out his youtube channel by clicking here...


  1. LOL!

    Imani got these fools PRESSED.

  2. I don't get it. I'm baffled at how a free site like YouTube has created this idea in some people's heads that they are suddenly roving reporters with these self made "shows" that they put on just to give their viewpoints on other stuff they have seen on...YouTube.
    If Imani wants to do the type of music that he does or have the views that he has, dance around in his underwear, do the splits, infuse his lyrics with gay themes, speak in interviews or whatever else he gets up to, SO WHAT? Like it or hate it, he is being creative and stirring things up, obviously. So much so that this LaSwagga needed to waste 17 minutes of his own day just to make a video response with the intention of calling Imani out.
    It's so easy to criticize the things we don't like, but I've found that so many that do are lacking a single creative bone in their body. When this fool can make a beat, produce a song, write lyrics, or anything besides making a rebuttal video that lacks any creative merit, then maybe his point will seem valid. It doesn't matter what your opinion of Imani's music is, everyone has different tastes. I'm not a Lil' Wayne fan but millions are. Doesn't make either side the authority. Hell, a gazillion people love Justin Bieber! Is HE a genius?
    Frankly, LaSwagga's time could be spent doing something more productive.