Monday, February 6, 2012

Streetz Radio: Fresh or Mess Winners

Fresh Fridays pops off every week at 8pm EST.  Hosted by your boy G3Mz...

Current Fresh or Mess Champs:

Fresh Or Mess Champs: P-TEAM

When you’re young and full of youth some times it can be a bad thing because you start getting into trouble. But for these 3 young men known as P-Team their taking their youthful energy and creating phenomenal positive music. They participated in Streetz Radio “Fresh Or Mess” segment and held it down 4 weeks consecutively, earning them some well deserved exposure. With their epic stage performances they have been gathering fans in abundance nation wide. See why P-Team is “Detroit’s Very Own”. #NERDS STAND UP!

Royalty Magazine: What’s good ya’ll? Please let the world know who P-Team is.

P-Team: What’s happenin’ world we are P-Team! The group consist of Stunnaboy aka Young Moses, Black Jesus aka Don Speedo, and Young Works.

Royalty: How long have you all been doing music and how long have you all been doing music together?

P-Team:  Works been doing music for about 4 years, Stunna and I have been spitting for about 3 years and as a group we been rapping together for 3 years.

Royalty: How would you describe your style and sound of music in one word?


Royalty: We see you all represent the 313. Give the world a little insight on the Hip Hop scene of Detroit.

P-Team: Hectic! Everybody’s a rapper now so it makes it hard for people with real talent to make it.

Royalty: If you could work with anyone in the industry, who would it be and why?

P-Team: Theopalus London (Stunna says he got groovy music) and we’d work with B.O.B.(Black says he's a lyrical bully).

Royalty: Is there any new music you all are working on and how can the fans get ahold of any of your current projects?

P-Team: Back To The Basics (3 The Hardway) is the project we’re currently working on. You can look us up on FB or on YouTube  search P
Team Detroit. You could check out our latest mixtape called “Red Cups & Ice” at search under P-Team Red Cups & Ice.

Royalty: Any last words or shout outs?

P-Team: Black: Stand up to cancer! Stunna: Or sit down and die! P-TEAM OR SUICIDE! #NERDS

For more info and for booking contact P-Team on Twitter @PteamBlack 313-551-1499 @PteamStunnaBoy

Tune in to Fresh Fridays w/ G3MZ 8pm est. 

Previous Fresh or Mess Champs:


Harlem does it again! First we had T.Parris hold it down, toast to the town. Now we bring to you another Harlem native by the name of MO-BARZ. In Association with the Kartel Family/ Dinero Mgmt, Mo Barz brings an original style that is needed back in todays hip hop.
            Mo Barz new CD  "Against The Streets" which was released in September is a CD he put together for the streets. "The Great House" was released in June of this year and had a strong production impact, with great musical concepts that we all can relate to in some way. His mission is to re-kindle what was once an amazing playground for quality music. He feels the torch has been handed to him and visions himself doing what he feels no rap act in the new generation has done and that's getting back to the basics. He's not taking his gift for granted, and the hard work he puts forth now will mold him into the powerhouse he is destined to soon be. Mo Barz is currently working on his new CD " The Sounds of Maurice Alexander". You can follow Mo-Barz on twitter at

Check out the music, judge for yourself and see why he became the new FRESH OR MESS Champ!

If you feel you have what it takes to become the next champ submit your music to subject line FRESH OR MESS and let the people decide.

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