Sunday, June 22, 2014

India Catrice: Interview

LUCIUS: First, I want to thank you for doing this interview.
CATRICE: Of course. Thank you for having me.

LUCIUS: How are you?
CATRICE: Everything is great. I am very blessed.

LUCIUS: How has 2013 been treating you?
CATRICE: 2013 for me has been full of new challenges and very musically inclined

LUCIUS: What can we expect from you in 2014?
CATRICE: In 2014 you can expect to see India Catrice blossom as an artist. More songs, more cover on YouTube, etc.

LUCIUS: How long have you know that you had this talent? Was there a specific moment when you knew you had this gift?
CATRICE: Honestly, singing has been a part of me since I was born. My grandmother wrote a lullaby that has been passed down for over three generations. My mother was a choir director. Music has just been a way that my family bonded no matter what the occasion. No specific event brought that to my attention. This is just something I was born to do.

LUCIUS: Do you write your own songs? Is there a set subject matter that you write on?
CATRICE: Yes, I am a songwriter. I like to touch on all subject matters when I write. Real life, everyday situations people can relate to.  Now one day I do plan to write a song as poetically inclined as the great Lauryn Hill but until then I will give you the best of what India Catrice has to say.

LUCIUS: Do you have a genre of music that you enjoy singing the most?
CATRICE: Acoustic hands down is my favorite genre to sing. However, my music currently is mainly R & B but, as stated earlier, in 2014 you will get to see more of who India Catrice really is.

LUCIUS: How has it been working with iBeast?
CATRICE: Working with iBeast has been a wonderful experience. He has such a drive and passion like none other. It propels me to set and reach higher goals. Needless to say, he is an awesome person to work with.

LUCIUS: Let’s talk about your song “Happy Place”. Did you write your own verses for that one?
CATRICE: "Happy Place" was definitely a song that spoke the truth . Having gathered experiences from different people, I wanted to make sure that I told a story that was as real as possible .The verses indeed were written by me. iBeast sent me the track and allowed me to approach it how I wanted and I feel I did that song as well as the topic justice.

LUCIUS: Another song you did with iBeast was “Lookin Shife”. What was the process there?
CATRICE: The process behind “Lookin Shife” was really free ranged. If iBeast or myself had an idea for the track we would contact each other and share it. If it worked we ran with it and if not we continued on with the drawing board.

LUCIUS: Who (or what) is your biggest inspiration? Are there artists who you admired growing up?
CATRICE: My Inspiration has been and still is my mother, She is so talented vocally . Also Tamia, who is a phenomenal singer. As a child I would always try to mock Whitney Houston’s riffs and runs. Beyonce of course and Luther Vandross

LUCIUS: Describe your singing style.
CATRICE: My style of singing is very comfortable, I write songs people can relate to and will put on repeat. I love painting pictures with my music.

LUCIUS: Do you adopt different styles from other artists when you sing?
CATRICE: I put to use their styles of singing with different songs. If I’m singing about deep passion for love I look into a more Tamia feel. When I sing songs that are more vocally challenging for me I look to Whitney.

LUCIUS: Where does your ambition come from?
CATRICE: My ambition comes mostly from myself. I know how talented I am. With that being said, I feel as though singing and writing songs is what i was put on this Earth to do.

LUCIUS: Any artists you’d like to work with?
CARTRICE: Of course. I would love to work with Ne-Yo, Brian McKnight, Taylor Swift because I do have a high interest for county music, and also Kirk Franklin just to name a few.

LUCIUS: Tell us something we don’t know about you.
CATRICE: Something as an artist that people don’t really know is that I can freestyle better than I can actually sit down and take the time to write out a song. Also as I stated earlier I love listening to county music.

LUCIUS: What can we expect from you in 2014?
CATRICE: You can expect a mixtape from me within the year 2014. I have yet to set a date but trust me good things comes to those that wait .

LUCIUS: Any last thank yous or shout outs?
CATRICE: First, I want to thank to you all for having me, iBeast for believing in me and having my back always, my family friends and fans that support me, and all the great singers and songwriters that have paved the way before me.

LUCIUS: How can people keep up with your music?
CATRICE: You can find various material from India Catrice at :
Instagram -Indiacatrice
Facebook- Indiacatrice
YouTube- Indiacatrice

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