Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sour Power II Review

As always, I'm looking for good hip-hop. It's been a tall order in years past. But, as I have more than likely said once, this seems to be something of a golden age of hip-hop.

This is what brings me to Sour Power 2, the latest release from our friends and MCs at Gilla House.

Being familiar with both Runt Dawg and Redman from past projects and past reviews I expected nothing but a stellar effort.

The Brick City didn't disappoint on that front. I was bombarded with pleasing Sonics and even more pleasing rhymes.   

Here are some standout tracks in my humble opinion:

I have to start with "Nigga Whut!!" simply because it has to be my favorite from an effort full of gems. On this one Redman raps over a throbbing beat and has punch lines for days. I had to listen to it a few times to catch them all and I'm certain there are still a few that escaped me...and I personally love that! Few MCs can do that and I appreciate one who can!

"HammerTime" is another Redman heavy track. To my own discerning ear the introduction sounds like it would truly be at home among Blaxploitation films. It strikes a bit more with braggadocio than anything but it is well delivered all the same time.

"Mr. Williams 2 U" is pure and amazing as Runt Dawg comes through over trumpet heavy production to tell a loose rags to riches story. It's a middle finger to those who doubt him [Runt] and his ambitions as a rhymer.

No suggestions other than to check out the tape as a whole. It's DEFINITELY worth a listen. Trust me when I say you need Sour Power!  To download this amazing GillaHouse collaboration, please go to datpiff or

-written by Lucius Black

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