Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Two Before The #NationLeaks

The Fly Minds Poets.

A duo of brothers who spit depth and reality into life.

Barz Damu and TrailBlazzorMuzik.

As a duo they are murderous, something akin to uncrowned scions to the legendary Outkast. More to beg that comparison they are just as potent when they do their own solo music. 

TrailBlazzorMuzik is who we’ll start with.

He presents to us “ShoeBoxInTheClosetFlow”, an instant classic to be wholly truthful. It seems ironic that towards the beginning of the track TrailBlazzor starts by saying this: “Let this beat hypnotize you...” when the whole presentation is rather entrancing. Production here is handled by Rene where he creates a looping beat made up of piano, synths, and well placed drums beats and kicks. Although the production is stellar the way he [TrailBlazzor] dances over it with his flows is quite amazing.

It is interesting how the subject matter is presented. The title comes from an idea in many a movie where hustlers hide stacks of funding in a shoe box in their closets. Here TrailBlazzor puts his flow in the place of the money, implying if not screaming that his music is the currency by which he will build an empire, ‘his own monopoly’. It’s a quite the sound and it is an amazing addition to the catalog.

On the other side of things is Barz Damu.

What does he have for us?

Genius Genes

Jackel produces this one and provides us with something that is epic, loud, and extremely catchy. It builds slowly, deliberately and slaps you in the face once the beat drops.

He [Barz] keeps his promise to “fuck the game up” with this one.

As with his twin and hip-hop partner Barz moves across the beat with the stillness of a ninja, hitting the points perfectly with every line that spews forth from his lips to the microphone and onto the track. 

Maybe it’s my interpretation but this is my take on the track: name brands tend to have a hold on the culture. Especially in the shoes you where and the jeans one wears. Barz is “fucking up the game up” in a sense by disregarding the jeans and brands he used to wear, taking it back to basics and rocking genius genes. Here he not steps away from the usual hip-hop prattle about labels but presents some clever use of homophones in the interchangeability of the words ‘genes’ and ‘jeans’.

I love both tracks for their originality, their production, and stellar flows.

Both tracks are to be featured on their upcoming compilation mixtape #NationLeaks. If these two are any indications of the project, we all better get ready.

Do that by checking out the aforementioned tracks here:

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