Friday, April 3, 2015

'Chronicles' [2013 Hangover] - FlashBack Fridays

Jackie Chain is another of those rappers that I didn't realize was so talented until I actually sat down and gave his music a listen. I think when I first saw him I was struck first by the fact that he was Asian-American. In this day in age that sort of thing is pretty rare in American hip-hop. Having never heard of or actually listened to Bruce Lean Chronicles, I was mostly basing my listening and opinions on the sequel.

The title, aptly enough, is Bruce Lean Chronicles 2.

On this mixtape the Huntsville, AL native gives a stellar performance with Southern sensibilities and context firmly in place. Every track is as good if not better than the one before. So without blowing anymore smoke, allow me to tell you about a few tracks.

"Still Mackin' (Mack A Bitch 2)" was the first song of the tape and a strong start to be sure. The track starts with a instrumental and leads into Jackie Chain rapping in a voice that I honestly didn't expect, truthfully. When I heard this one I had no problem seeing Chain rapping alongside any Southern rapper.

This, incidentally enough, leads me to the next track.

"Yea That's Me (Remix)" is the remix to the Big K.R.I.T. song of the same. The remix features not only K.R.I.T. and Chain but fellow Alabama native and all around spitter Yelawolf. These three together give an already good song a new lease on life.

By far my favorite track has to be "Trippin'". The track, although a short one clocking in at 2:38, hits all the right notes. Assisted by rapper Rittz the track is full of quick rhymes, great delivery, and two wonderful artists playing well off of each other. It is definitely a song worth putting on repeat.

The whole mixtape is full of good features. A few examples include "At The Bar" featuring Juicy J and Diamond, "Overdose" featuring FKi, and "Climax" featuring Trae Tha Truth and Jihad.

This mixtape plays out like a road map of nice Southern sound led expertly by Jackie Chain. My opinion is that you cannot look past this tape. Get up on it.

-written by Lucius Black for Street Thoughts/Royalty Magazine 2013

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