Friday, April 3, 2015


I have high hopes when I think on artists that I admire, respect, or truly rock with. It’s selfish or maybe unfair at times to put such pressure on these lyrical gangsters. But recently those high hopes have been soundly rewarded.

iBeast exceeded expectations by leaps and bounds.

I pretty much love everything that Kamikaze Hendrix does these days and all the days before.

But I’m not talking about them.

This one goes out to the Fly Mind Poets.

They have so far dropped three (3) singles from the upcoming compilation effort #NationLeaks. I have been wowed and utterly floored by the first two. Between the two tracks I find myself hemming and hawing, trying desperately to figure out which is the favorite. 

Maybe after an hour or two, I had it figured.

I go between them both because both are excellent works of art.

Then they, to quote Barz here, fucked the game up

This happened when they dropped the third single, “Motivational Speakerz”.

Produced by Dynamic Arrangement, the track features the brothers doing what they do best: flow effortlessly over the beat. And what a beat it is. When I hear it it gives me an almost 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit vibe. Something about the repetition of that one refrain gives me a suspicion that this song would not be out of place in a video game. The rest is tight drums and and the keyboard playing counterpoint to everything.

Once more both Barz and Blazzor prove themselves masters of the metaphors. The title speaks to two things, much as the previous brilliance of “ShoeBoxInTheClosetFlow” and “Genius Genes” did.

First we are made to ponder those motivational speakers we all grew up knowing. Names like Dr. King, Malcolm X, and Maya Angelou to name a few people. That image is planted firmly in your mind as you listen and look at the single art.

Secondly, motivational speakers implies that speakers, sound, and real music has a motivation of its own. This motivation comes through the speakers.

OK, I lied. Three things.

The third is simply that the two thoughts combine to say that two men, motivational in their own right, can move the crowd to that particular sentiment through speakers and an uplifting message. It’s the most clever way of calling yourself the future without actually having to come out and say it.

And one thing these brother are is clever.

So as it stands now, this track is my favorite. I think the drop for #NationLeaks will undo that statement before long.

In the meantime, click the link below and get yourself motivated through speakers.

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