Friday, April 10, 2015

The Same’? Doubtful… - Flashback Fridays

Recently I posted something on Facebook. Here’s the post:

Drake - Underground Kings

This was just an innocuous little post about a favorite track from the Canadian rapper that everyone loves to mock. It lead to a rather interesting conversation. Here’s the conversation:

I'm getting back to my ways! *A line from the song, for those who don’t know*
December 2 at 9:02pm via mobile

That track has a decidedly Southern sound for a Canadian guy...
December 2 at 11:24pm via mobile 

That's why he had to pay homage with the title.
December 2 at 11:50pm via mobile 

Yup. That song makes you almost forget about all the soft jokes about him...
December 2 at 11:51pm via mobile 

Do you know what the Knights of the Round Table would say if they heard the "tough guys" of our day were poets that wear jewelry? Rappers like Drake and Cole are refreshing because they express something. That's what artists do. That studio gangster stuff is overrated (sets soap box on fire).
Yesterday at 7:07am via mobile 

This is so true when you really look at it. I appreciate Drake more for his certain skill at expressing something beyond fucking bitches, selling drugs, or making money.

It’s with that mentality I dive into Drake’s latest album Nothing Was The Same. As far as his studio albums go, this has to be my favorite at current. The list of features include artists like 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Jhené Aiko to name a few. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Started From The Bottom” is mentioned here simply because the beat is so damn catchy. The track isn’t so much in a rags to riches story in the strictest sense of hip-hop. It lacks a darker, more introspective production. This track relates the experiences of Drake’s early life and his career beginnings in a more lighthearted way that we’ve seen from other rappers. It is a unique thing that I really like.

Worst Behavior” has become sort of an anthem for a generation, a lot like YOLO did when it was first said. This track has an interesting production. It’s a rather energetic sort of track that reminds me a bit of the film Hustle And Flow for the oddest reason.

My favorite song is “From Time”. Featuring the beautiful and amazingly talented  Jhené Aiko on the hook, this track is deeply introspective and rather understated. As with any song or artistry, it is open for interpretations. My understanding  of it is that the track speaking of Drake looking for love and wondering if he’s already met her before. It’s probably a thought we may have all had from time to time.

The Motion” has an insanely catchy beat that sound synthesized but dark. Overall this song is about moving on and maybe growing up. Assisted by the vocals of Sampha, the track has a slightly haunting quality that I personal love.

Also give a listen to “Hold On, We’re Coming Home”, “All Me”, and “Come Thru”.

Drake is unique in the fact that his songs are emotionally driven as opposed to usually monetary based hip-hop and rap. Like his album title so perfectly states, nothing was the same. I’m thankful for that.

Written by Lucius Black 2013

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