Friday, April 3, 2015

Still 'King' - Flashback Fridays

Consistency is key.

Nowhere is this more true than is music. It’s the one thing an artists looks for as they continue to add to their catalog of music genius. Some cannot do it despite their best efforts to and others do well with this concept only to occasionally stumble. Those who do falter need only step away and try again.

Of many artists, Big K.R.I.T does this flawlessly.

I say this as I listen to his mixtape King Remembered In Time, the latest in a long line of monstrous albums and mixtapes.

Let’s get into it.

Purpose” is probably one of the shortest songs on the tape. However, it is no less profound. As the title so rightly suggests the track takes a deep and profound look at what it is our purpose is. K.R.I.T. does this by talking about his own life as an example of sorts.

Shine On” is equally strong track. I love how it starts and the quick change in the beat. K.R.I.T. fiercely raps here about shining on as a person through the hate and all deterrence. One of my favorite parts of this song would have to be the feature by Bun B.  Usually Bun gives us that Texas pimp knowledge in a loud voice full of confidence and braggadocio. This verse is legendary but understated, short and sweet.

The next two songs I’m going to tell you about will have lines that need to be quoted.

REM” was my surprise favorite. Here K.R.I.T. speaks frankly about his dreams, his music, and his experiences with fame. The first verse especially does it for me.

In a room full of tight stairs
Was hell a few dreams or nightmares
I dare rap about my real life
Good Lord I gave my all but just don't feel right
Jigaboos are means to you, but never me
Black face, my black face could never be
Sambo, my camo say otherwise
That revolution of mind will never televise
One album I'm still kickin’
Def Jam I'm tell em I'm still whippin’
Tell ‘em I'm still winnin‘,
Tell ‘em I'm still in it
Make time, I drop a bomb
I swear I'm a kill niggas
No pause is needed, I swear I don't feel niggas
Snakes in my front yard, I swear I'm a deal with ‘em
I own the steel hitter
Pray that they still get it
I feel like I failed Jones, it's hard to live with it, my dreams

In much the same way, “Meditate” has some of the best lyrics. Yet the general theme of the song can be seen in the hook.

I don't wanna hear what I've done wrong
I'll deal with my problems when I get home
I'm better off when I'm all alone
I know I said I'd stop but I'm not that strong
I just wanna meditate

The track speaks of drinking away problems or rather meditating over so many thoughts as you drink. The verses are crafted into a beautiful story of introspection, regrets, spirituality, and  hope.

There are no suggestions because the whole mixtape is worth a listen.

And that’s where I end the review. K.R.I.T., still a king.

-written by Lucius Black for Street Thoughts/Royalty Magazine 2013

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