Friday, April 3, 2015

Yet Another 'Experience' - Flashback Fridays

Justin Timberlake killed the game when The 20/20 Experience first came out. I must have listened to it quite a few times through before I started counting off favorites. One such favorites had to be "Strawberry Bubblegum". The list then grew to include "Tunnel Vision", "Mirrors", and "Dress On". Even with the ones I named the whole album is a masterpiece of pop and R & B.

I expected nothing less from the follow-up.

Suffice to say, I wasn't disappointed.

The second part, aptly named The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2,  was a mixture of country, R &B, hip-hop, and pop. Each track is crafted by producer Timberland to make something unique and original.

"Only When I Walk Away" is a good track to start with. The track itself is slightly haunting. It can be noted that Timberlake pulls you in with the cadence and the delivery of the verses and certain words. Moreover the song itself tells a story of a game between the two, a game that translates into not knowing what have until you gone. It is emotion and more at its purest.

"Drink You Away" has a decidedly country influenced feel to it. The song is uniquely depressing but it is an easily to relate to. The basic theme of the track is trying to drink away pain, an impossible task since alcohol tends to increase said pain. I will also note that this track feels rougher than any other track, almost as if no production was done at all. You can tell that this one feels full of Justin's emotion and pain. This makes it that much easier to connect to.

"Amnesia" seems like the counterpoint to "Mirrors", a theme that seems to be in his music. Whereas "Mirrors" is a longing for a shared and connected love, "Amnesia" speaks to a love dies in the vein of reality placed to classic live stories like Romeo and Juliet. This sing is the reality of what happens after happily ever after.

Although the whole album is worth listening to, I suggest "TKO", "Cabaret", and "Take Back The Night".

Justin gives us a experience that defies the Ideas of how good a sequel an be. For that I salute him and this project as a whole.

-written by Lucius Black for Street Thoughts/Royalty Magazine 2013

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