Thursday, August 4, 2011

Downtown Seattle Spots! (Food August 2011)

Do you work in the Downtown Seattle area or are you visiting/on vacation? Do you just live in the area or are looking for some affordable spots to eat. In todays economy we not only want something affordable, but we are looking for quality as well as good service!

Being from Seattle and working in the local area, I have found a few spots over the years that were worth talking about. If you are looking for quality food, something quick and/or fine dining experience...Here are a few recommendations:

Speciality Bakery
505 5th Avenue South, Seattle 
Located right on the corner of 5th & Union

If you are up early in the morning or just strolling looking for an afternoon delight...Speciality Bakery is a good choice.  They have the most wonderful sweets!  One day I was introduced to their black & white cookie (it looks like some kind of brownie) .  I can tell you that I was addicted with the first bite!  It was fresh and it was so unbelievably good.  The chocolate is amazing and you will be in love with each bite.  I can say off top...I have to get one of these everytime I visit this spot. 

Now I am a chocolate lover so anyone else that is must agree we know good chocolate!  I can't tell you enough how much you need to try that black & white cookie.  You also have to try their chocolate bundt cake.  Ooooo the cake is moist and it is super delicious.

If you don't like chocolate, it's all good because Speciality also has other type of sweets as well as sandwiches, salads and coffee.  Check it out if you get a chance!

To back up what I'm saying...I found some reviews about Specialitys.  Click here to read views...    

Click here for Speciality's official website.

Von's RoastHouse
619 Pine Street, Seattle 
Located right on the corner of 6th & Pine

Good lunch recommendation (Fresh Lunch Grill Served 11:30am-2:00pm).  I had Von's for lunch one day and was impressed.  I got the Roaster Saucy Sliders.  It came with 2 mini burgers that included fresh onions and a special sauce.  I also got a pretty decent amount of natural cut fries. 

Von's was cool because you had a 10 minute service guarantee (10 minutes or its free) and the slider meal was only $7 bucks.  A co worker of mine got the Wild Salmon & Chips (which I tasted).  I must say that the salmon was pretty good as well!  

Overall I would say Von's is a good place to grab a quick bite or perhaps hold an afternoon business lunch.  There is a bar as well as you can sit inside or outside the venue!

Click here to check out their official website

Courthouse Cafe
700 Stewart Street, Seattle 98101
Located on the North side of Stewart Street;  Once you get on the corner of 7th & Stewart just head North past the staircase.  The cafe is located on the other end of the stairs.  It is almost behind the stairs.

Believe it or not the Courthouse Cafe is cracking!  The breakfast as well as the lunches are well made and I can say that I have not been dissapointed yet!  Let's see...For Breakfast I would normally get the Vegetable Omelette.  Believe or not fresh cut vegetables in your omelette are not only healthy but very delicious!  If veggie ain't your thing...they also have a Ham & Cheese as well as a Denver Omelette.  All omelettes are served with potatos and toast.  You can get this delicious meal made to order for only 6-7 bucks.  If you prefer something a little different they also have a variety of other breakfast combos.

Now let's talk about lunch  (served 10:30am-2:00pm)!  Their 1/4 Natural Angus Burgers will satisfy your taste buds as well as your tummy.  From the the Western Bacon the the Hawaiin...You will not only get a tasteful burger, but they have combos and daily specials to choose from!

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