Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fashion Forecast 2012 (Fashion August 2011)

Fashion is always changing.  Sometimes for the better...some for the worse!  2010/2011 we saw alot of black & dark trends (not only for fashion but for music videos).  We also saw more and more males embrace "Skinny Jeans", "Metro Sexuality" or their "Feminine Side".  What will fashion be like in 2012?  Will skinny jeans get skinnier?  Will we see more color?

I think even though we have seen the dark side of fashion, color has always been there!  The good thing about colors is that they can vary, be bright, stand bold, stand alone and of course just be beautiful!

Check out this video I found from 2 years ago.  It is predicting fashion for 2012...which is right around the corner!  Do you think its right?  Do you have any thoughts, trends or predictions?  Please comment...

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