Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ne-Gus 4 Life! (Mic Sexual August 2011)

Okay so I watching Tosh.0 last night.  Not because I particularly like that show, but because my boyfriend always watches that corny ish!  I can admit sometimes the videos be a little funny...but honestly I think this show is a little racist and kind of gay! 

Anyways, now this was a re-run but last night they showed a video about a young boy at a spelling bee.  The little boy had to spell "Negus".  Now believe it or not..."Negus" is spelled a little different, but it sounds like something very familiar.  Now "Negus" is suppose to be an Ethopian word, so I looked it up online.  Even though Tosh.0 pondered the question "Is it Racist?', he didn't really give a meaning behind the word and I was curious. 

Now definition of "Negus" is as follows:

Ne-gus:  Used formerly as a title for emperors of Ethiopia.

ne-gus:  A beverage of wine, hot water, lemon juice, sugar, and nutmeg.

The definiton: 

ne-gus:  a title of Ethiopian royalty.

And lastly, definition:

Negus:  "King," "Ruler" or "Emperor" in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. An antynym of the word "nigger" according to its historical American usage.   

Ready to see the video for yourself?  Check it out....

Now that you have seen it for yourself what do you think?  I understand that at spelling bees you have to spell words, but why did they have to choose that word And why did they make him repeat it so many timesFunny or RacistWe would like to know your thoughtsPlease vote in our poll as well as leave comments!!!!

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