Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too Short Gets Messy!

Literally!  Too Short & Messy Marv are beefing on twitter. 

Here is what Too Short is saying via twitter... 

Too $hort

Too $hort

Too Short wants to know "Where You At?" in his first response to Messy Marv twitter beef.

Props to Short for responding back.  That's what hiphop is about.  Here are a couple more videos from  Too Short:

So what has Messy Marv been saying?  Here are words straight from his twitter....



This beef is still brewing but you will have to follow them on twitter to see more of what is going down.  Fans and supporters are getting  heavily involved and alot of things have been said over the last few days.  One person made an interesting point and said that "this beef is going to make people choose sides"What do you think about the beef?  Who are you riding with?  Whose diss was better?  Should they just squash it?  Speak ya mind!

Here are a couple videos from Messy Marv...

Both Too Short & Messy Marv have been puttin it down...this could get ugly! What do you think?  Too Short or Messy Marv?  Who are you riding with?  What are some of your favorite tracks?  I am not sure how the initial beef started, but it sounds like shit hit the fan when Messy Marv posted Too Short's cell phone number online. 

I don't know what happened recently to set it off because there have been quite a few tweets on both twitter pages and it's a little hard to pinpoint the beginning.  From what I am getting (from Messy Marv's interview w/ All hiphop), it sounds like the two have been in disagreement for a minute.  Mess says a couple years ago him and Too Short were in talks of uniting so that they could help bring the whole Bay Area to the forefront.  It was suppose to be like a Bay Area Unity Movement to help bring everybody together. 

Anyways Marv & Short had a meeting about the movement, but for whatever reasons that deal never ended up popping off.  Messy Marv also claims that Short called him after their meeting and was very disrespectful to him.  What did he say?  We don't know, but Marv said he laughed in his face when he said it.  

Too Short on the other hand released a statement a few days ago and said that they had a 20-30 minute phone conversation & that everything was cool between them. I also found an interview that Too Short did with Ozone Magazine where he speaks on the beef...Short basically says that he is not in a battle and that Marv is battling himself.  He also said that he didn't even know what this was all about until a few days ago.  All he knows is that he gets a call from someone telling him that he had been mentioned in a Messy Marv track.  Short says he never does the beef thing so he didn't trip on it.

Short goes on to say that him and Mess have always been cool.  They have worked together as well as have made a track or two together.  He says that its been nothing but love over the years...many years.  So what's good with that phone call?  Short says that he never got at Marv like that and as far as he knew "Everything was cool" between them.  So what's good with the beef?  Short says that he is not mad at Marv and that Marv is mad at him and after his conversation with him (a few days ago), he kind of understood why he's upset.  "It was a couple of misunderstandings and a couple of messaged relayed wrong.  And then you hear a song that ain't about you and think it's about you. So, he fed into all the shit".  Short also goes on to say, "Why didn't you just get at me?  You didn't have to call somebody else to talk to me".
Short could be right on that many times have you heard some he said/she said shit, where the truth ended up being completely different than what you heard?  Sometimes it is better to get it from the source so there is no misunderstandings!  What are your thoughts?  Make sure you leave comments/feedback.

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JT The Bigga Figga also got involved as is his track entitled "Take 1"(Messy Marv Diss)...

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