Sunday, August 14, 2011

White Rappers Using the N word! (Mic Sexual August 2011)

Do you think it's okay for white rappers to use the N word?  I would like to know your thoughts on this one so make sure you leave feedback!

A few weeks ago there was a huge discussion on FB in the Seattle Hiphop group about a white female rapper using the N word.  Now the N word alone can cause alot of controversary by itself, but what about when people outside the black culture use it?  This topic was inspired because of that facebook group and I feel that we never got any real closure.  To be honest, the white chick in my opinion was playing games, wasn't keeping it real and caused more nikkas to get upset if anything.

Here's how it went down...she came in the group and posted a topic basically saying that she was a white rapper and wanted to know our opinion on her using the N word in her rhymes.  Well I guess she thought people would just hand her the N word on a silver platter because she seemed a little shock when the opinions came firing in! 

So why do I say she wasn't keeping it real?  Well after various comments on this subject matter, she came back in the post and tried to say that this was never about her rhymes but it was about a documentary she was doing and that she just wanted opinions (uhm sure).  Now whether that is true or not is neither here or there, I just had to tell you a little of the story because I talk alot and somewhere around me talking I will eventually get to my point.  Not only that, but like everyone else, I have an opinion and if you truely don't want to know someone's opinion or if you are scared of the truth..."Don't Ask Questions You Don't Want to Know the Answer to"...just "Do What You Do!".  

Okay so now that I have gotten that all back to the question.  How do you feel about "White Rappers Using the N Word?"  Is it okay?  Is it acceptable?  What are your thoughts.... 

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