Sunday, September 18, 2011

MayWeather vs Ortiz

So for those that watched the fight live or on youtube, controversary is hitting the airwaves because of how MayWeather won.  Well here is the video, check it out for yourselves...

So was it a cheap shot?  Well technically, the only reason the fight stopped was because Ortiz keeps hugging Mayweather to basically apologize for head bunting him.  Mayweather said "Protect yourself at all times", so he never let his guards down but it was evident that Ortiz did.  When the ref said go, Ortiz was still on that hugging ish instead of being in boxer mode and basically got caught slippin'!

Was it a cheap shot?  Well technically it was legal and if the ref said "fight", that means it was time to get it poppin' again...if Ortiz would have stuck with the rule of thumb of "protecting himself at all times", maybe he would have been ready for what was coming next!

Here are some videos from after the fight...

That is just my opinion on the matter...what do you think?  Please leave feedback/comments:

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