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Wreckless in Seattle?!

Seattle has always been known for its rain, the Space Needle, Supersonics (when they where here), Sir Mix-Alot, the SeaHawks and of course grunge music.  It has also been known to have good greenery (puff..puff..pass), beautiful scenary and a great place to live.  Safe to say these are many reasons why many people love Seattle, thus being the reason alot of people have moved into the area.  But is Seattle all it's cracked up to be?  Continue reading...

So what has been going on in the Great Northwest as of late?  Well all I can say is that things have def gotten worse over the years.  Could it be because of economic difficulties, unruly people and/or being a product of our own enviroment? 

There are alot of things to factor in when parts of your communirty are off the hook and/or violence ends up being the outcome of a family event.  Even though some parts of Seattle are worser than others, I think what it all boils down to is the attitude of the person.  People like to show out...for whatever reasons I do not know...but it always seems that someone is hating or trying to out do the next person.  Not only that but we got some crazy people out here.  I mean literally some people are just out of their minds whether it's due to drugs or genetics.

But lets look back at the original point of this post..."Wreckless in Seattle"...That is the question...I know that crime is no stranger to many towns but it just seems that now I just avoid going to some places just because I know something is going to pop off.  And over these last few years it doesn't seem like it's getting any better, but it is actually becoming more frequent as well as crazier!  Here are some examples of some incidents that have happened in the town... 

Doctor kills partner and baby.  A co-worker of Dr. Chen went to his apartment after he did not show up for work.  She was allowed into the secure building and went to knock on Chen's door.  Chen opened the door naked and covered in blood.  When authorites arrived they found him slumped by the front door.  They also found another man dead with multiple stab wounds and a small child dead in the bathroom.  When the police asked Chen "Who did this to you?", Dr. Chen replied, "I did".  Why did Chen kill his partner and newly adopted baby?  Well Eric Cooper (Dr. Louis Chen's partner), according to prosecutors had been stabbed more than 100 times in all areas of his body including the face, chest, neck, back and hands.  Police say that up to 5 knives were used in the slaying.

An "impending break up" may have been the reason behind the murders, reports The Seattle Times.  They also report that even though news stories suggest that the two year old was adopted from Southest Asia, he may have actually been a surrogate child.  Chen and Cooper had been a couple for nearly 12 years.  

For more on this story, click here...

Maurice Clemmons, killed 4 Lakewood Police officers back in 2009.  

It was reported that during a Thanksgiving gathering, Clemmons told family & friends that he was angry about his Pierce County problems and that he was going to murder police officers as well as children.  He showed the people his gun and also informed them he had two more weapons inside his home as well as car.  

On the morning of November 29th, Clemmons went into a coffee shop in Lakewood and started busting!  He killed the police officers in an execution-style attack, stated investigators.  Check out the video here:   

Besides being frustrated with Pierce County for his legal troubles, what else could have prompted Clemmons to open fire at the coffee shop?  Following his parole in 2004, Clemmons had no arrests or problems with the law until 2009.  The Seattle Times reported that back in May of 2009, Clemmons behavior and mental state started to deteriorate.  Sherrif's deputy responded to a report of Clemmons throwing rocks at houses, people and cars.  Clemmons ended up punching the deputy in the face and assaulting a second deputy who arrived on the scene to help.  Clemmons of course was arrested and when he was taken to Pierce County he continued to struggle.  He also told jail workers "I'll Kill All You Bitches".

Again in May (a few days after the rock throwing incident), Clemmons appeared in his living room naked and ordered 2 female relatives (ages 11 & 12) to fondle him.  They complied out of fear, but afterwards the 11 year old fled the house.  The 12 year old was then taken into the bedroom along with Clemmons wife.

In July 2009, he was charged with second-degree rape of a child.  When Clemmons was arrested, he claimed that President Obama and Lebron James were his brothers as well as Oprah Winfrey was his sister.

Crazy right?  Well I guess during a court ordered evaluation, Clemmons told psychologists that he had experienced some hallucinations.  He said that back in May of 2009, he had experienced hallucinations of "people drinking blood and people eating babies, and lawless on the streets, like people were canniballs".

For more on Maurice Clemmons, click here...

Man shot in head on 2nd & Pike

Tomas Afeworki got a murder 1 charge for the shooting of Michael Yohannes.  Witnesses say that the shooter (Afeworki) walked up to Yohannes left side and shot him in the head.  He had the gun wrapped up in a towel so after he shot, he put the gun back into his pocket and walked away calmly.  It was then reported that Afeworki went into Zaini restaurant to order some fries.  He then left some change, a half smoked cigar and black ski mask on the table as he went into the restroom.  Police later found a 9-mm handgun hidden under the lining of a garbage can, three live 9-mm bullets in the bowl of the toilet and a white towel in the hallway that led to the bathroom. 

The shooting was noted as being a "cold blooded" murder and there was no disregard for the well being of innocent by-standers.  Police also say that video survellance reveals that there was no argument or confortation between the shooter & victim.  Afeworki just walked right up to him and shot him. 

2nd & Pike is one of Seattle's most public spaces and has a huge amount of traffic in that area.  That is just blocks from where I work as well as where other people work, hang out or just hustle.

For more on this story, please click here...

Man stabbed at 6th and Pike

On July 8th approx 3pm, the suspect (a man in his 30's) was near the corner of 7th & pike acting erratically and screaming at people passing by.  A guy in his 40's exited out the convention center and saw the suspect in some type of altercation with an elderly man.  The victim tried to walk around the incident, but somehow ended up being the supsects target.  Immediately the suspect approached the victim and started screaming.  He then grabbed the victim, put him in a choke hold and started to strangle him.  At that point it was reported that the victim believed he was losing conciousness.  A good samaritan off the street struck the suspect several times trying to get him off the victim.  

The suspect let go of the victim briefly, but then he put him in another choke hold and continued to strangle him.  The victim pulled out a pocket knife and with the suspect's arms around his neck, the victim stabbed upwards towards the suspect's torso.

Okay so I work right on the corner of 6th & pike right where this incident took place.  It happened at approx 3pm and that's crazy because I get off at 3pm!  Normally I would have walked right in the middle of this mess, but thank God it was my day off. 

Another incident that happened on 3rd & pike that I couldn't find online anywhere was also crazy.  I was coming from a show that night and right at the corner where we were waiting for the bus a bunch of girls started talking about beating up another girl.  Well I guess they seen the girl so they took off after her to beat her up.  One girl ended up getting stabbed another got hit in the head with a hammer.  The girls took off before authorities could catch up with them. 

Speaking of young people, this 17 year old girl gets punched in the face by Seattle P.D.  What was the cause behind it?  What happened?  Check out the video here... 

Wreckless in Seattle?  Well it doesn't stop there.  Speaking of police, what about when the Seattle Police tell a man "I'm going to beat the fuckin' Mexican piss out of you!"...this brutality was also caught on tape...

What about when a 15 year old girl was beaten by police...

But don't get it twisted...the cops do their dirt but so do the citizens.  As of late, it seems that more and more kids are in the news instead of in school.  Here is another incident where Seattle Transit Guards stand around while a group beat up a 15 year old girl in the bus tunnel... 

So you think the bus tunnels are off the hook?  Riding the bus period now adays in Seattle is suspect.  While some areas are safer than others, people are being attacked at bus stops as well as on the bus.

Last week, there was 1 person shot dead and 3 wounded at a Seattle bus stop (near Rainier & McClellan street).  Even though the incident took place at 3am in the morning, people should be free to be outside or even at the bus stop if that is their choice.

Back in May of this year, officers responded to shots being fired on a metro bus right off of 3rd & Seneca.  Witnesses say they heard a shot coming from the back of the bus and the bus stopped right on the corner of 3rd & Seneca.  The 24 year old suspect and his female companion fled through the back door, then made their way to the bus tunnel. 

The suspect was arrested.  A female victim who was sitting approx 5 feet in front of the suspect was treated for a superficial wound to her lower right calf.  For more on this shooting, please click here...

The bus drama doesn't stop there...Back on August 21 there was a fight on the bus that led to a stabbing.  Alphonse Hope (38), has been charged with an assualt. 

Police say that Alphonse (shown in the #11 jersey above) had been harassing the victim on the bus and even threw a can of beer on him.  He is also seen on the security camera kicking the victim when the bus made a stop.  The two argued and ended up in a brawl on the street right outside the bus.  Police say that is when Alphonse stabbed the victim multiple times.  The victim was out with his family and trying to enjoy the day.  Hope was arrested a few blocks away and authorities found a bloody knife in his possesion.  

The security camera has been recently released...Click here to see the video that shows the fight on the bus that led up to the stabbing.

So what about shows, parades and/or other events?  Honestly I stopped going to alot of those things or I try to go early because there is something that is always poppin' off!  It's been like that for along time now, but as I said before it just seems that things are happening more and more.  Not only that, but it's happening in everyday places people travel to, to go to work or to school. 

Speaking of public events, there was a massive shooting back in July at a car show in Kent (city outside of Seattle).  12 people were injured that day because of an argument that may have been started over a paint job on one of the low riders.  Police wouldn't confirm what the argument was about, but a fight broke out amongst some people at the show.  After the fight started, gun shots were fired.  One witness says that the fight started because one man talked shit about another car owner's paint job.  The witness also said that some people then came up together and started gang bangin'. 

8 out of the 12 people injured were rushed to Harboview Medical Center.  The ages of the victims ranged from 14-32.  Here is a video from Komo News in re: to the shooting...

Six men were arrested a few days ago in connection with the shooting.  For more on this story, please click here...

More Gang Related Shootings and/or other incidents...

2 Police + Hot Dog Vendor injured after night club

Teen Arrested in Gang Related Shooting

South Seattle Shooting

Man shoots 7 people on dancefloor at Casino

So is Seattle wreckless?  I can definitely say that things can be crazy at times.  I remember when I was young growing up that there was always gang violence, but now it seems that in addition to gangs there are more unstable people and/or situations happening.  Yeah we are used to clubs shutting down, events ending, etc. because of someone acting stupid...but now you can just be on the bus, going to work or out spending time with your family and get assaulted or even worse killed!

Seattle is my home and despite all the BS I guess I enjoy living here...I mean heck I'm still here right!  Be safe my Seattle peepz, watch your back and keep your heart close to God!    


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