Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Religion Does God Tell You to Follow?!

There are so many different religions out here, but how do we know which one God is calling us to follow? I would like to know your thoughts. What is your religion if any? Why did you choose that religion? What are your thoughts on other religions?

Before I get into what the people think, I googled different types of religions online so I could post more in-depth information.  I mean we have all heard of Christians, Baptists, Muslims, etc. but do we really know what they practice or about their beliefs?  What about that a religion?  And if it is and they don't believe in God, what do they believe in?  What about other religions that we don't hear or read about on the norm?  Those are the questions brewing at the moment, so let's check out what I found...

First let's start off with the basics...the definition of religion.  What does religion mean?

Per Wikipedia: 1. The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods. 2. Details of belief as taught or discussed. 3. A particular system of faith and worship. 4. A pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. 

Merriam Webster: (1): The service and worship of God or the supernatural (2): Commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance. (3): A personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices.

Urban Dictionary: 1. The biggest lie in human history. It has been responsible for more deaths throughout human history than all other unnatural causes combined. For a thousand years the Church was a tyrannical dictatorship that used religion to control the uneducated masses. Free your minds and come into the 21st century.

Now as you can see for the definitions most are saying that religion is a belief or worship of God or some type of supernatural power.  The Urban Dictionary however defined religion as one of the biggest lies in human history.  They also said that religion was used to control people and has been the cause of more deaths than all unnatural disasters combined.  Is this true?  I googled "Deaths due to religion" and this is what I found...

Per Google Answers:
Religious Conflicts (selected)
Generally speaking, in most of the following cases, religion is both the stated cause of the killing and the only substantive difference between the two opposing groups. Obviously, there would be many additional conflicts where religion is just one of several divisions.

Albigensian Crusade, 1208-49
Algeria, 1992-
Baha'is, 1848-54
Bosnia, 1992-95
Boxer Rebellion, 1899-1901
Christian Romans, 30-313 CE
Croatia, 1991-92
Early Christian doctrinal disputes
English Civil War, 1642-46
Holocaust, 1938-45
Huguenot Wars, 1562-1598
India, 1992-2002
India: Suttee & Thugs
Indo-Pakistani Partition, 1947
Iran, Islamic Republic, 1979-
Iraq, Shiites, 1991-92
Jews, 1348
Jonestown, 1978
Martyrs, generally
Molucca Is., 1999-
Mongolia, 1937-39
Northern Ireland, 1974-98
Responsibility generally (Is religion responsible for more deaths than ...?)
Christian culpabiltiy
Russian pogroms:
St. Bartholemew Massacre, 1572
Shang China, ca. 1300-1050 BCE
Shimabara Revolt, Japan 1637-38
Sikh uprising, India, 1984-91
Spanish Inquisition, 1478-1834
Taiping Rebellion, 1850-64
Thirty Years War, 1618-48
Tudor England
Vietnam, 1800s
Witch Hunts, 1400-1800
Xhosa, 1857
In addition, here are a few noteworthy conflicts where dissimilar ethnic groups fought for primarily religious reasons:

Arab Outbreak, 7th Century CE
Arab-Israeli Wars, 1948-
Al Qaeda, 1993-
Crusades, 1095-1291
Dutch Revolt, 1566-1609
Nigeria, 1990s, 2000s

"In general -- although the conflicts themselves are fierce -- the overall numbers seems relatively small next to, e.g., the tens of millions killed in WWII, which is generally considered a non-religious conflict (even though the Jewish people were particular targets for much of the slaughter)."

So what about 9/11...was 9/11 a religious attack?  Here is a video I found which reflects "The Religious Reactions to the 9/11 Attacks".  Bush and religious leaders react to the attacks as well as Gods will...

There were many people that were affected by 9/11.  Some people were brought closer together...some people were torn apart.  Some people became targets...some were doing the targeting.  No matter how you look at it, innocent lives were lost and things will never be the same after 9/11. 

So if it was a religious act and the Muslims attacked the US for their beliefs, why would people in the US convert to Islam?  I will get to a few videos I found to answer that question, but before I do...another religious question..."What is the difference between Muslim and Islam?"  Per

"A Muslim is a practitioner of the Islamic religion."

Okay, so now let's see some videos on people who were converted to Islam after 911.  Why would some turn to the same religion that others blamed?  Check out this story from a 9/11 victim that converts to Islam:

Here is a woman who converts after her relatives were killed...


And it doesn't stop are a few more videos...

Okay so as you can see religion is not only a broad subject but it is strong. People that have a faith or religion tend to have strong feelings about why they feel the way they do.  As seen in the above videos, after 9/11 people were converted to a religion that many blamed.  You can look at it two can look at them as traders per say or you can look at it from a religious point of view.  Everyone has their own relationship with God whether they want to believe it or not, so how do we know what religion God wants them to follow?  You can't measure someone else's can only measure your own.  And no matter how much you may disagree with someone else's the end it's their choice and the only person they have to answer to in the end is God!  You can't spend valuable time going against someone else's faith...if you don't agree with it then the lesson in that alone is now you know what is not right for you!  You need to focus on your own faith and make sure it's lined up correctly.  Now, don't get it twisted...there are rules and regulations when it comes to religion...whether wrong or right, every action causes some sort of reaction.

Now lets touch back a little and talk about the people who were converted.  Outside 9/11 people are converting from one religion to another everyday.  Does that mean their faith isn't strong or simply has their beliefs changed?  Is converting to another religion okay or is it looked upon as wrong?  And if it is looked upon as wrong...does it then make it okay to stay with a religion that you don't have faith in because of controversy?  Or because people around you think that it's right?  I think that staying in a faith you don't believe in 100% is relying on someone else's understanding instead of God'sBut what about changing beliefs?  Is that right?  And if it is, where in the bible does it say to do thatHas God ever changed his beliefs?  Let's take a look into these questions... 

Via Yahoo! Answers the question was asked (about 5 years ago) "Is changing religions bad?"  Here is how it went down...

TrickB writes..."Ight, i'm Catholic...and i been going through deep depression and a ''friend'' wanted to help me by going to church, but its a different religion..its Evangelist, and my mom dislikes the fact that I'm going to that church cause I'm Catholic. I don't like it that much because I feel uncomfortable with the pastor...since he knows my situation and he wants to call me to ''help me'' and come to my house and ''visit'' and hes annoying the shit outta me...should i stop going? i just need an answer no negativity."

The Best Answer to this question (chosen by voters) came from Jameela...who wrote: "If you don't feel comfortable then don't go. It's as simple as that. Why don't you go to a Catholic church, since you're Catholic?"

Do you agree?  Whether you belive in God or not you have to agree that there is some supernatural power.  I know that God exists so I know that he is giving me confirmation that he is real while I am writing this.  Why do I say that?  Lets look back at my brewing questions...Right before I googled "Is changing religions bad", I wrote down some questions I wanted to know the answers to.  Here were those questions...

  • Is converting to another religion okay or is it looked upon as wrong?  And if it is looked upon as wrong...does it then make it okay to stay with a religion that you don't have faith in because of controversy?  Or because people around you think that it's right?

TrickB basically was going through a majority of those issues 5 years ago.  She was going through a deep depression so her friend took her to a church of a different religion.  She was Catholic but her friend was Evangelist.  Trick B's mom disliked the fact that she was going to this church because she was Catholic.  She also didn't feel comfortable with the pastor because he knew her situation but he wants to call her and/or visit to try to help her.  TrickB mentions it's annoying her but she is asking the question should she keep going...

Now lets look deeper into the question as well as the response.  The best answer is telling her the obvious that if she doesn't want to go then don't go...but it also points out that she is Catholic so why doesn't she go to a Catholic church.  Makes sense right?  Well I think if you look at it a different way the situation may be deeper than what we can see.  No where in her question does TrickB say that she is against either religion itself...she is basically saying that the pastor at the church she is going to is annoying.  He knows her situation but he keeps calling and visiting her when he knows that her mom dislikes her going to his church.  So is that saying that basically if he tried to help her in secret or only at church then she would like it more?  And if that is the case, does that mean she would be more likely to change from Catholic to an Evangelist if her mom would be okay with it?

Lets keep reaching...if TrickB was totally against going to an Evangelist church do you think that she would have just stop going on her own off top?  She starts off by saying that her friend took her to this church, immediately followed by saying how much her mom disliked her going.  Her moms reason is the obvious...she is Catholic so she needs to go to a Catholic churchTrickB goes on by saying that the reason she doesn't like it as much herself(not sayin she doesn't like it all), is because the pastor is annoyingWhy is the pastor annoying?  He is contacting her outside of church...which I can guarantee is bringing drama and/or an uncomfortable situation into the household.  Could that situation be adding to her depression?  Is she making decisions based off what her mom and/or what other people thinkWhat do you think will make her happy?

Regardless of how you look at TrickB's situation, only one person could answer her question.  She is asking should she stop going, but I think that it is more based on the drama side of the situation instead of the religion.  Yes it can be annoying because of her mom disliking the situation and because the pastor is going to try to convince her why his religion is the one to follow...but in the end TrickB needs to do what is right for herThe only way that she can have her question truely answered is by praying and relying on God's understanding rather than her own or anybody elses.  For all we know she may just be young & rebellious...or she could actually be torn between religions.

So what about God...has he ever changed beliefs?  I think not!  He is and has always been the same.  I think when it comes to humanspeople change religions for different reasons.  Yes some may not know what they want and they are just changing religions like they do their underwear or they are relying on someone elses understanding.  But there also people who have been enlightened or possibly have experienced God for the first time or in a different situation that resulted in a change of faith.  Whether it is right or wrong in the end will be between that person and God.    

Before we get too off topic, lets take it back to the original brewing questions...How do we know which Religion God is calling us to follow?  What is your religion if any? Why did you choose that religion? What are your thoughts on other religions?

Also, we have heard of different religions but do we really know what they practice or about their beliefs?  What about that a religion?  And if it is and they don't believe in God, what do they believe in?  What about other religions that we don't hear or read about on the norm?

So lets start unraveling the answers to these questions.  I think the best way to start is to start talking about what types of religions are out there and what are their beliefs.  With a couple clicks (internet makes research so much easier), here is what I found.

Per here is a list of types of religions listed on their site:

Buddhism also teaches the principles of karma, according to which our current lives reflect our past dealings, as well as the belief in rebirth by which consciousness exists in future lives. Buddhism is a peaceful religion that is against war and killing."

Buddhism Customs: "Since there are different types of Buddhism, there are different types of Buddhist customs. The major traditions include meditation, Buddhist worship, honoring the Buddha and the sacred mandala."

Candomble: "Candomble is an African-Brazilian religion has around two million followers. It is a syncretic religion, meaning that it is a combination of various beliefs. At the core of the religion are the traditional African beliefs of Yoruba, Fon and Bantu. Candomble also has elements of Christianity, particularly of Catholicism. Candomble means “dance in honor of the gods.” Accordingly, dance and music play important roles in the religion. At the center of Candomble is God or Oludumare. Deities called orixas serve Oludumare. Candomble does not have any holy scriptures."

Candomble Beliefs: "The concept of good and bad does not exist for followers of Candomble; however doing bad has its consequences. The goal of each person is to carry out his or her destiny, which is controlled by the orixa. Each person’s orixa also acts as a protector. Worshippers perform special dances to allow the orixa to possess them. Orixas are deified ancestors from recent or ancient history. Also known as viduns and inkices, they are spirit gods that link humans to the spiritual world. Each orixa is connected to a force in nature including a certain food, animal, and more. A person's personality is a reflection of their orixa."

Candomble Customs: "During major rituals, priests and priestesses disguise as Baba Egum. The worship takes place in the form of dances and songs. Dances call the orixa to enter the body. When a dancer becomes possessed, they enter a trancelike condition and publicly act out scenes from the community life through dance. When the orixa leaves the body, the trance ends. Women play a significant role in Candomble. Women, called “mothers of the holy one” lead services and train future priestesses."

Christianity: "Christianity is the world's largest religion and is centered on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, Son of God. Around 2.1 billion followers around the world believe in Christianity. Subdivisions of Christianity include the Roman Catholic Church, Mormon Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Lutheran Church, Jehovah's Witnesses, Baptist Church, Methodist Church, and more. As in the case of Islam and Judaism, Christianity is an Abrahamic religion."

Christianity Beliefs: "The beliefs of Christianity focus on God and Jesus Christ, the son of God, but vary depending on the denomination. The customs and traditions of this religion are also dependant on the various sects."

Christianity Customs: "Christians practice their religion on a regular basis but also have specific days devoted to their traditions and customs. To practice Christianity, one must be baptised as a Christian, follow prayer, and show his devotion to God through worship. The customs of Christianity are important for Christians in all aspects of their lives."

Hinduism: "Hinduism is among the oldest religions of the world. It has more than 900 million followers, with around 80 percent of the Indian population claiming to be Hindu. Hinduism does not follow a single doctrine or teacher, but recognizes one God and eternal soul called Brahman. The different types of Hinduism recognize different deities."

Hinduism Beliefs: "Hindus believe that karma determines the cycle of life, or samsara, which is composed of birth, death, and rebirth that the soul goes through repetitively. The oldest religious texts of Hinduism are the Vedas, or Books of Knowledge. According to Hinduism, Brahman created everything. Different types of Hinduism worship other deities, believing that they contain attributes of Brahman. Hindus are usually divided into three groups according to the form of Brahman revered: worshippers of Vishnu the preserver, Shiva the destroyer, and the Mother Goddess. Vishnu, also called Narayana, protects the universe and saves humans from disasters and oppression. He makes appearances on Earth through his incarnations. Shiva is the destroyer, creator, and preserver, according to his avid followers. In the Hindu Trinity, he is the destroyer that possesses elements of good and evil. He is also connected to fertility. The Mother Goddess is associated with fertility and feminine energy in Hinduism."

Hinduism Customs: "The most popular holy day of Hinduism is Divali or the Festival of Lights. Worship, in Hinduism, is called puja and includes prayers or mantras, images or murtis, and diagrams of the universe or yantras. Worship is usually a personal act that can take place at the temple or at home before a set-up shrine, which can be a room, altar, or image. The focus of the worship is the image. Hindu worshippers repeat names of a god and offer water, flowers, incense, and fruit. According to Hinduism, worship should take place three times a day."

Islam: "Islam is the second largest monotheistic religion in the world after Christianity. With more than one billion followers worldwide, there are many different Islamic groups, all united by their faith. Muslims believe that there is one God, Allah. The Holy Qu'ran is the scripture of Islam. The two main groups of Islam are the Sunni and Shi'a."

Islam Beliefs: "The core of Islamic theology is the belief that there is only one God, also called Allah in Arabic. Visualizations of God are not expected but Muslims must worship God as the Protector, which is the purpose of life. Muslims do not believe that Jesus was the son of God and do not agree with other facets of Christianity. Muslims have six main beliefs with Allah as the most important one."

Islam Customs: "The Islamic religion includes specific customs and traditions that all devout Muslims follow. The customs are practiced in all aspects of Muslim life and include prayer, fashion, diet, war and so on. The Five Pillars of Islam lay out the fundamental customs for every Muslim."

Jainism: "Jainism is an ancient religion that believes that bliss can be achieved if one lives a harmless life. The religion does not depend on gods, but on the self. Therefore, Jainism is known as a self-help religion. There are two major divisions of Jains: the Digambara (sky clad) and the Svetambara (white clad). There are about 4.2 million followers of Jainism in the world, mostly in India."

Jainism Beliefs: "Jainism is interested in the well-being of the universe and mankind. According to Jainism humans, animals, and plants have souls that are equal and should be respected. Because of this, Jains are vegetarians and use natural resources as efficiently and cautiously as possible. They also support reincarnation. The aim of Jains is to attain liberation by erasing all bad karma from the soul in order to halt the repetitive cycle of birth and death and move the immortal soul into a state of eternal bliss. The three jewels or important beliefs of Jainism are: right belief, right conduct, and right knowledge. The five vows or mahavratas are: avoiding violence, detaching from possessions, speaking the truth, not stealing, and practicing sexual restraint. The modern-day version of Jainism is the work of Mahavira, whose teachings are collected in texts called the Agamas. The religious officials of Jainism are nuns and monks who lead disciplined lives."

Jainism Customs: "Pilgrimages and fasting are important in Jainism. Pilgrimages are not mandatory, but recommended. On pilgrimages, Jains often visit temples and locations connected to tirthankaras...Fasting is an integral part of Jainism. Many followers fast when they please; however most Jains fast only around the time of holy days and festivals, like during the monsoon period."

Jehovah's Witnesses: "Jehovah's Witnesses are a Christian-based religious denomination that believes that most churches of Christianity have strayed. They consider themselves a brotherhood joined by religious belief. Jehovah's Witnesses are known for visiting neighborhoods and knocking on doors in order to inform people about their religion and attract converts. There are around 6.5 million members worldwide."

Jehovah's Witnesses Beliefs: "Jehovah's Witnesses believe in the literal meaning of the Bible, and not on speculations. They regard the Bible as historically sound and accurate in every way. Jehovah's Witnesses deny the concept of the Trinity; therefore many Christian Churches do not consider this denomination as mainstream Christianity. They also believe that Jesus died on a stake, not on a cross. They believe that their purpose in life is to serve God...Jehovah's Witnesses denounce worldly sins. They think that the final struggle between good and evil is not far off. They do not celebrate holidays like Christmas and Easter, which they say have pagan influences. They also reason that Jesus did not expect people to commemorate his birthday."

Jehovah's Witnesses Customs: "Jehovah's Witnesses dress modestly. They have a patriarchal family structure, in which the husband has final say but often consults his wife and children. Blood transfusions are not allowed, often causing medical complications. Gambling is also banned. When it comes to university education, Jehovah's Witnesses are not very interested in it because they prefer to stay away from competition and the rat race and focus on spirituality instead. They also shun military duty and do not vote. Missionary work is required of all Jehovah's Witnesses, as long as they are capable. Most of the work includes going door-to-door in neighborhoods and discussing their religion with people and spread their texts...Although Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate major Christian holidays or birthdays, they do commemorate the Memorial of Christ's Death, which marks the anniversary of the Last Supper."

Judaism: "Judaism is among the world's oldest monotheistic religions and the first of the three Abrahamic religions, which also include Christianity and Islam. Around 12 million people in the world believe in Judaism. They are mostly in the United States and Israel. The Torah, or Hebrew Bible, is the most important holy book of Judaism."

Judaism Beliefs: "According to Judaism, the Jews are the chosen people of God and must act as a good example for the rest of the world. Judaism believes in only one God, the creator of the universe."

Judaism Customs: "In Judaism, a spiritual leader is a rabbi and the place of worship is a synagogue. Synagogues are also used as study and community centers. Judaism promotes community and family life."

Okay so I did about half of the religions listed and as you can see it is already a huge amount of information.  I won't go into in-depth detail here about the others listed, but if you would like to get more information about those religions just click on the name above or visit

There are many religions out there, many that I didn't even know existed until I did this article.  There are also a few more that were not on the list (ex: Catholicism, Baptism, Scientology, etc.) that I am curious about but will cover at another time.  What I can say is that religion can be a bit confusing and with so many different ones...and so many beliefs...I again ask the question, how do we know which religion God wants us to follow?This is a question that I think can only be answered individually. 

I think that when you talk to God, he will tell you where he wants you to be.  It can be extremely confusing getting caught up with all the politics of religion because every one is claiming "to be the one to follow".  But when you start letting people alone influence your religious decisions, I think that is when you start breaking the code.  If you truely have no clue what religion you want to follow and you let man influence you instead of God, that is a violation.  Why do I say that?  Because God says, Proverbs 3:5 "Trust the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding."  That means trust the Lord in everything and with your all, but never rely on your own understanding or even mans understanding.  Coming from man...sometimes it sounds good, but if it doesn't come from God directly, it might be too good to be true!  

Don't believe me?  Check out these videos and tell me if you don't want to rely on God's understanding...would you rely on his?

Lol.  Well I honestly hope that nobody takes this preacher seriously.  I posted this for entertainment purposes only :)!  I remember the first time I heard this preacher "Kerney Thomas" on BET and was awaken out of my sleep with all that screaming!  I mean, I am happy to wake up to a good word but not like this... and at 4am in the morning...really?!  This preacher and BET is doing way too much.  Safe to say that I don't leave my TV left on BET anymore when I go to sleep lol. 

One thing that the bible does talk about is false prophets.  Matthew 7:15 "Beware of false prophets. They come to you disguised as sheep, but in their hearts they are vicious wolves."  I don't understand how anybody can use God's name in vein or better yet use him to control people and/or get money.  But it is written and with evidence from the videos I've just shown you, it is happening whether you believe it or not!  Just keep that in mind when you are deciding which religion you want to follow.

So we have only touched the surface of religion and have already talked a little bit about different types of it, beliefs & customs.  We have even explored religious attacks, people getting converted, false prophets and basically just relying on God for the things that we don't understand.

So what are your thoughts?  What is your religion if any? Why did you choose that religion? What are your thoughts on other religions?  I took this question to the streets (which in internet land is FB, Twitter and/or other social networking sites lol) are some responses I received:

Kenyatta: "Muslim of course.... I'm not at a computer. I chose Islam because I needed a change and I wanted answers that only Islam could answer. Islam is for anyone to join unlike other religions. Its not based on the people or country. Allah made it simple for us to follow. How one treats their mother father husband wife children and one another is beautiful!! Since Islam I feel pure like a brand new baby, I can think with a clean heart....."

Infamos: "I know there is only one saviour one supreme Lord of hosts. The word states place none before him so there must be lesser gods or angels blessed with abilities that are close such as Lucifer. But close isn't enough. God is defined as the beginning and end of all existance everywhere in every relm. And as such has many names and appearances to describe him as it would be difficult to comprehend him through our 5 or 6 senses alone. With a being that must be described via diversity it is possible that many varied forms of praise can exist in connection to him. What narrows it down us our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ , the new covenant. Specifically before Jesus came to us as a living example of what all good followers of the Lord should be and gave himself as sacrifice for all our sins past present and future to (those who believe in him), there were many different ways of communing with God directly and many different ways of following his words and tasks. But Jesus gave in his sacrifice besides an almost infinite amount of second chances, was the Word of God which is God, and the kingdom of heaven which is literally what Jesus is. The word explains specifically what is right and wrong, what we should do in any possible situation and the consequences (both positive & negative) of our actions until the end of time. But all that knowledge requires you read it for yourself to understand it. But to be even more exact and to answer your question, if what religion is right and why it was chosen. No where in the bible does Jesus give a name to his religion. It has no name, only faith & love, compassion and understanding. As to why I chose it you don't chose faith at all you find it. We are each called to do right and are lifted up from our suffering and sins individually. Followers if the truth the o e true God are tasked to share wisdom and blessings with everyone, but finding ones faith is something that can only be done of your own will when you are called by the Lord directly. And speaking from will know when he calls because it is a distinct specific experience that cannot be duplicated. As to my opinion of other is never the task of any human being to judge another. We are tacked with compassion, patience, wisdom and a always open helping hand. We know wrong from birth (except for those that are mentally dammaged) and we know right. They feel different. Nothing else in this life feels like Jesus Christ. And should we ever choose wrong he will save you whether you believe or not because we are all in his flock and he is our Shepard. Choosing to follow the Lord of lords , the king of kings, the Lord of hosts, Jehovah Jiyra , Elloheim Jesus Christ is the enevitable choice we all make regardless of our transgressions if we are so blessed to live long enough. God bless you and us all I hope my input helped Amen."

Sted D: "I love Jesus and God is my father!  I feel this way basically because of culture and upbringing.  Other religions are cool, but just not for me.  I just focus on what I do and my relationship with God."

Jennie: "Religion to me is bullshit its all about comfortability....people will follow religion because it makes them feel better about their everyday circumstances. you should watch zeitgeist, it breaks down the truth behind religion and you will look at it all in a new light...It also goes in depth about our goverment and the truths about 9/11. Money and the recession, more people need to be aware of the TRUTH. Religion is a compilation of stories that all come from astrology. The SON (Jesus) is actually the SUN and his 12 deciples are nothing more than the 12 constanants that revolve around the sun. Stories were told about the constellations and those stories were adapted into thousands of different religions, however they all share certain similarities. I believe the only ones who have any sense at all are those who worship Buddah. (I dont personally), however Buddah was a regular person...not a "God". I do believe in a higher power but RELIGION and JESUS...NOPE! Stories dont make me have faith, but i repect the truth. -much love"

That is what the people think.  I also posted this topic in a discussion forum on craigslist...I must say that I didn't get any real serious replies.  People didn't take this question seriously even though I posted it in the religion forum.  Instead of just answering the question (or ignoring it if not interested), I just got people who were clowning or talking mess.  And just like the devils plan, people chose to take the focus off God and put it back on themselves.  If you don't believe in God or religion, that is your choice!  But to mock God by answering this question with childish behavior or clowning on other posters is unacceptable.  I won't post any of their childish comments here, but if you want to see the devil at work click here...

To conclude (there will be more parts to religion coming soon), lets take another look back at the brewing questions...

1. How do we know which Religion God is calling us to follow?

2. What is your religion if any?

3. Why did you choose that religion?

4. What are your thoughts on other religions?

Here are my answers to those questions...

Well growing up I was always told that I was a Christian and everybody around me was mostly all Christians (or Baptists) so I just naturally started being a Christian.  Over the last few years I started to question that religion only because I don't remember seeing it mentioned in the bible.  So then I started thinking...where in the bible does it say that I should be a Christian?  It doesn' then I started do I know that God wants me to be a Christian?  It doesn't matter what the people in the church say because they are all going to think that their religion is the one to follow.  It also doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, because in the end I want to do what is right for me and what God wants me to do. 

So then I just knew at the point that I don't know what religion God wants me to follow nor do I know that any of these religions out here is where I am suppose to be, so I just started building a relationship with God.  If I can talk to God personally...why do I need to go through religion to do that?  Not only that but as you can see...there are so many different religions out there and so many levels that it really gets confusing.  Not only that but with all the politics involved, false prophets and manipulation...I didn't want to be apart of something that I wasn't suppose to be. I believe in God...I believe in Jesus...I believe in the bible and I believe the devil is real.  I am focused on having a relationship with God and believe that Jesus did die on the cross for my sins.

As far as any other religions...I don't knock anyone elses belief.  However, I think that anyone who thinks God doesn't exist will be judge from him accordingly when it's judgement day.

Thank you for all the responses!  I would love to know what your thoughts are after reading this article.  Anything you wish to add?  What are your thoughts about religion?  What religion does God tell you to follow?

What's next?  Look out for part II of "What Religion Does God Tell You to Follow"...I will research to see if all religions use the holy bible or if they have some other bible/teaching they use.  I will also try to find some supporting stories and/or videos of people talking about specific religions as well as other topics including how religion got started.        


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  1. Proof exists, say a prayer and see what happens. Do good and the truth of your goodness tested and rewarded if you persevere Do wrong and see how much negativity begins to flow. The proof is all around us.Even if chance is your only belief then you must consider who created the choices by which the chances are derived? Simpler proof is the fact God is love if you feel love know love or aknowledge the existance of the concept whether Islamic atheist scientologist buddist anything if you know love you are praising the Lord . Talk is cheap actions speak louder point blank expressing love in anyway is aknowledging God the only issue is acceptance of what you aknowledge depends on who you believe your saviour is or isn't. So in closing everyone beleives in God infants know love the adults these infants become just have issues with admitting this simplest of concepts.