Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hip Hop Radar (Week Of 11/24-11/30)

JAIMZ - Keeping My Balance
London rapper Jaimz (@Jaimzmusic) gives us a strong mixtape called Keeping My Balance. It’s an understated effort that shows his [Jaimz] flow without overproduction or foolish things you’d see from more mainstream artists. His accent in theory should be harder to understand but I find that he’s intelligible and it adds a depth to his delivery. If you’re looking for a unique sound, Jaimz is just the man for the job.

SUGGESTIONS: “My Way”, “Never Know”, “Dead Presidents
RATING: 4.8 of 5

TINASHE - Black Water
I am enthralled by both vocalist Tinashe (@Tinashe) and her mixtape Black Water. This is a beautiful soul belting out equally beautiful words over great production. This puts me in mind of many artists but sounds like none of them. Tinashe has her own sound, a heavy neo-soul/contemporary R & B groove to it that shouldn’t be ignored in the slightest. It also plays as a dark journey you need to take.

SUGGESTIONS: “Black Water”, “Vulnerable”, “1 For Me
RATING: 5 of 5

HARDO & DEEZLEE - Fame Or Feds 2
Hardo (@trapnhardo) and Deezlee (@Popn_Deezlee) present a sequel to the original Fame Or Feds, aptly called Fame Or Feds 2. This mixtape strikes me as a narrative told by two rappers who understand that in their current position you can either seek fame or find yourself locked down. The tape is filled with great interludes, strong flows, and relatable anecdotes. This will be a tape that I will be playing heavily for a while.

SUGGESTIONS: “Choices”, “Going Thru My Phone”, “Do It Then
RATING: 4.9 of 5
DOWNLOAD HEREHardo & Deezlee

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