Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Week Of 11/24-11/30)

1. Black Friday-Once again it’s that time of year for you to be exceedingly greedy and vicious in pursuit of material possessions immediately after the day when we celebrated being thankful for the important things like family, friends, life, and its blessings. I’ve never had (and never have) the desire to freeze my ass of for the newest next generation game console that I’m not even promised to get or a few good deals. I’ll be doing all my shopping online. Fewer lines.

VERDICT: GOOD (for shoppers and companies hoping to make that quota)

2. Broncos/Patriots-This was a good game, all things considered. It started with my New England Patriots fumbling three possessions and giving their opponents on Sunday night a 21 point advantage that they then curtailed into a 24 point lead by the end of the first half. I am unsure what Patriots coach Bill Belichick said to them during halftime but the second quarter saw a decidedly different game and one of the best comebacks ever. Patriots went on to win it 34-31 in OT.

VERDICT: GOOD (for Patriots fans), BAD (for non-Patriots fans), UGLY (depending purely who your fantasy football team has from either team)

3. “Cookie”-Now, I am a fan of R. Kelly and all but this track off his upcoming album Black Panties, a song called "Cookie", is really dirty. And that’s saying something when compared against his catalog of music which includes songs like “Ignition”, “Bump ‘N Grind”, “Sex In The Kitchen”, and “Sex Me”. Keeping in key with his MO, this song is so sonically pleasing that you can easily ignore the content. Damn it, R. Kelly. You've done it again.

VERDICT: BAD (that I love it so much)

4.Bound 2” parody-Last week I spoke on the ridiculous video Kanye West put together for his song “Bound 2”. Fast forward to this week when actors James Franco and Seth Rogen made a shot for shot remake of the video called “Bound 3”. Franco plays Kanye while Rogen channels Kim K. perfectly. I laughed for like an hour. So did the Internet at large. The saddest thing, though? This video got way more likes than the original by Kim and Kanye.


5. Sharkeisha-I’m mostly adding this because it’s been all that people have been making fun of lately. A brief synopsis: Sharkeisha confronts a friend about a dude, friend looks away, gets snuck with a sucker punch that sounds like a video game, more punches and a brutal kic follows. I place this ignorance on here simply because this is a reflection of the next generation that needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY. Maybe the shame and the jail time will change her mentality.


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