Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hip Hop Radar (Week of 11/17-11/23)

CANDICE - Smoker’s Room
Vocalist Candice (@CandiceRnB) kills it eloquently with Smoker’s Room. Her soaring vocals land perfectly in this effort that plays like an amazing weekend story. I say this because its lyrical content includes late nights, copious amounts of cannabis, and not worrying about him or the other girl he‘s with. Listening to this feels suspiciously like a personal set of experience that she [Candice] has lived through and put to song. Definitely worth a listen on those Fridays nights before you head out

SUGGESTIONS: “Smoker’s Room”, “WussaName”, “I Ain’t Leavin’
RATING: 4.7 OF 5

Rapper LaShun Ellis (@LaShaunEllis) offers an intriguing sound profile on his self titled LaShun Ellis LP. Immediately I am hit by the high quality of his flow and his lyrical content. This isn't strictly a hip-hop mixtape but a cool sonic vibe with words to it. I think the thing that draws me in as that it feels almost like neo-soul sometimes with the production and moments in the delivery. I am put in mind in Common and this is a comparison certainly worth looking into.

SUGGESTIONS: “Psycho Star”, “Soul‘d Out”, “You  & Your Friends
RATING: 4.5 OF 5

FATKIDSBROTHA - Eastside Paradise 2
I like FatKidsBrotha( and their mixtape Eastside Paradise 2. This tape is eclectic and it isn’t for everyone. Personally, I like what I am listening to. There are moments when I listen to their production where I hear notes of 9th Wonder or The Neptunes. As a mixtape it is decent enough but I would have like a bit more personal storytelling. Aside from that one thing the flow is slow and melodic against each beat presented. It is a syrupy sort of sound that I cannot get enough of.

SUGGESTIONS: “Crooks”, “My Mind Only”, “Last Two Orgy
RATING: 4.4 OF 5

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