Saturday, November 23, 2013

General Reactions To Kanye West's "Bound 2" Video

Kanye West's latest video has been getting some harsh criticism as of late. One of my favorites is a letter to African-American erotica author Zane. Here is the letter:

Mama Zane, 

Please tell me you came across Kanye West's new "music" video "Bound 2" featuring his "lovely" fiance and mother of his child, Kim Kardashian! 

If you haven't, let me spare you ten minutes of gouging your eyes out with fucking 

In the video, it shows Kanye steering a motorcycle while Kim is straddling him BUCKY BALL ASS NAKED with only a shadow covering her naughty bits! Then, they simulate sex on the bike...horrible retirement-home sex at that!

Now, don't get me wrong. I love sex and sexual images and I'm far from a prude, but I've seen better dry humping under the bleachers of a homecoming game!

Check out the video and tell me what you think...after you vomit in your lap. I mean, I'd rather leap ass first into a pool of dildoes than watch that shit again! 

Has Kanye FINALLY lost it?
Has he gone too far?
Is Kim Kardashian ever going to realize that her destiny is to star in interracial porn?

Zane's response was equally hilarious.


MY RESPONSE: Never heard of it, but I watched the video and four things:

1. It has four times more thumbs down than thumbs up. Says a lot.
2. I am not feeling the song but I am not into his music anyway.
3. The horses at the beginning were beautiful and my favorite part of the video.
4. If they were going to do simulated sex scenes on a motorcycle, they should have hired me to do it or watched Zane's Sex Chronicles or Zane's The Jump Off on Cinemax to get some tips on how to shoot them. Neither one of them seemed even remotely aroused-LOL

The comments on the video itself aren't any better...

Used to be a big Kanye West fan, haven't listened to his music is years and can I just say I am absolutely astonished. This is garbage and quite frankly embarrassing. I understand different people have different taste in music but this is honestly a joke. Thumbs down. Wow.

Why the hell would Kim kardashian want to be in this Dumas video Kanye sit your black ass down you have nothing better to do but make Dumas videos like this your big " bound " neck ass sit down some damn where

It was like watching train wreck. You don't want to watch but can't look away. That was one of the worst songs and videos ever. It was almost embarrassing how bad it all was

But a few of these comments made me think...

so whether you do right or wrong people are always gonna have some shit to say ..thats life, u guys really think mr.west gives a fuck about what u think ..hell no , he still making money,and u still got a 9 to 5, 

look how kanye got you guys talkin? the views keep going up, the money keeps goin in his pocket. This guy just played every one of you. hate and love is one in the same, still means views and money for ye, smh. people dont understand, if you dont like someone, dont come and watch the video then, or comment, all this shit talking on here, is misplaced love for ye 

Kanye West is an admittedly polarizing figure in popular society. But with everything he does you have to wonder if he's intentionally making horrible music or doing all these things for attention. Only he knows, really.

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