Sunday, March 30, 2014

'40oz' Of Amazing (Mixtape Of The Week)

I rarely get the opportunity to review a lot of mixtapes from Savannah, GA born artists. As a proud hometown boy it made me proud to be reviewing one.

The artist who brings us this is a rapper by the name of Nicolas Cash. His project, 40oz Dreams, is a strong effort and a slice of Savannah's style and delivery as far as hip-hop is concerned. Featuring production by Tony Skees, Tony Easley, Tha Officialz, NBC, and Taz Gutta is another of those mixtapes that I find myself listening to in its entirety.

Let's jump into it, shall we?

The first track I want to draw your attention to was “40 oz Dreams”. As you'd expect from a good hip-hop mixtape, EP, or LP this track is the standard cool track referencing the beautiful green marijuana. NBC crafts some amazing sounds that feel tailor made for a calm night of puff, puff, pass.

Another two tracks that really appealed to me were both produced by Tha Officialz. One is “Hobby”, a track that references getting, making and chasing money as the 'hobby' that he most actively pursues. Everything about it feels like a hustler's anthem but it to me it speaks to everything that I have come to associate with my hometown. “Yo Mind” is smooth player music at its finest. Here Cash spins a story of easing the mind of a beautiful woman with the promise of an amazing night in the company of a thug. Although it is previously hit point in modern hip-hop, Cash puts his entry into an already well done lexicon.

Producer Taz Gutta samples the Jodeci classic “Cry For You” for “Cry 4 U”. At a glance the song is a more modern take on the classic. The rapping is full of a lot of the emotion but with a decidedly more hood influence to it. Featuring vocals by Lil One the track shows a bit of vulnerability from the tough talking rapper.

Aside from these tracks might I also suggest “Be Right Here”, “Smokin' Solo”, and “My Life”.

With no bias because of being from the same city, 40oz Dreams is a strong mixtape from what I personally think could be a big name in Savannah or a wider area if given the opportunity.

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