Sunday, June 22, 2014

TrailBlazzor Musik: Interview

LUCIUS: As always with my interviews, I want to thank you guys for sitting down and doing and interview with me.
TRAILBLAZZOR: Anytime, brother! You support our work and I support yours! Its always love!

LUCIUS: So how has 2014 been treating you thus far?
TRAILBLAZZOR: Probably the most progressive year in my lifetime! This is the year in which I am a witness to the power of positive thought and the power of perception. So although I haven’t materially progressed much yet, I witness the potential and true value of impactful thoughts and emotional self control.

LUCIUS: Tell us what to expect from you for the rest of the year and on into 2015.
TRAILBLAZZOR: I expect growth, that’s it. Whether it’s a down year or a progressive year, I expect myself to expand and grow more. As far as musically we are dropping the #NewGA #SummeTape, #NationLeaks just a tape of leaks we released throughout the year. And we are working on our solo tapes.

LUCIUS: So explain your stage name to me a bit.
TRAILBLAZZOR: I chose TrailBlazzor Muzik because in essence, I'm representing every human being on the planet in the sense that we are responsible for our outcomes for the most part whether we realize it, accept it, or not. We are all trail blazers because we blaze our own trail, we create our own path through our decisions, whether we are losers or winners. So I represent that in my music. I speak on my intents, my motives, my outside circumstances, my past, and how I made or make decisions and how they affect me. I am ultimately attempting to show people that we have the power through thought, hence Mind Ova Matter.

LUCIUS: Who truly inspired the first spark for this Fly Minds EP?
TRAILBLAZZOR: I believe I did, if I remember correctly.

LUCIUS: What got you guys working on the Fly Minds EP? Or rather, what's behind the concept?
TRAILBLAZZOR: Our producer and longtime friend Z3TrackZ was sending us beats one at a time. We was recording them for fun. After about four songs me and Barz was like, "Shit, we might as well do an EP with this". We was kicking game but the beats made it sound fly. So we just called it #FlyMinds. We ended up recording more tracks and still named it an EP because we feel it’s just a promo to what’s to come from us as a brand on a general perspective, and to demonstrate that we don’t go by the rules. Shit, I’ll make a five song tape an album if I want to. Fuck the rules.

LUCIUS: How did you link up with iBeast and the #NewGA movement?
TRAILBLAZZOR: We went with a mutual friend Trina to see him perform, but my dominant intent was just to network with the artist there. When I met him, he was very personable and down to earth. And I was even more impressed by his presence on stage, his ability to command the crowd, his true to life music, and his rebellious attitude. So I handed him a business card after the show. And a couple of days later, which is rare, he reached out to us and told us he respected the craft due to our honesty. He told us about the #NewGA idea and if we were down for the cause. Without hesitation, I said yes, because I know real one when I see it. And I'm glad we did it. It’s good to fuck with a nigga with that type of work ethic. The whole team is solid.

LUCIUS: Any favorite track(s) off the EP? Any that weren't particularly your favorite?
TRAILBLAZZOR: My favorite track by a long shot is "True 2 The Code" because that shit just rides! My least favorite will have to be "Hurt So Bad". It just didn’t seem as powerful as the rest of the tracks.

LUCIUS: I have been hearing through social media that the #NewGA has been doing a number of shows. How has that been?
TRAILBLAZZOR: Very successful.  We're starting to make waves by showing our value due to our unique approach to southern rap and our unwillingness to conform. It makes our individual brands and the whole #NewGA movement that much more distinctive.

LUCIUS: I see that the #NewGA is growing. That's an amazing thing. What kind of people are you hoping to add to the roster.
TRAILBLAZZOR: Anyone who respects the true craft of hip hop/rap and authenticity as well as work ethic, either from an artist, producer, promoter perspective, or whatever role they may play. You have to be dedicated to stand on the truth and enforce it.

LUCIUS: Whose music are you listening to in your free time?
TRAILBLAZZOR: I'm a hip-hop hop head! Sometimes I bump oldschool rnb but majority of the time I bump underground artists like Starlito, Nipsey Hussle, Ab Soul, Mick Jenkins, Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., Cyhi Da Prynce, Freddie Gibbs, Killer Mike, Young Roddy, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole.

LUCIUS: Is there a goal you're hoping to reach with your music?
TRAILBLAZZOR: Personally it is to be able to create financial freedom, influence the culture in a positive way, but most importantly is to empower people and expose them to the power that they have at their disposal via their mind.

LUCIUS: Any thoughts on the current direction of hip-hop?
TRAILBLAZZOR: I think hip-hop is always moving in a positive direction because that’s the nature and original intent of hip-hop, which is the part of the culture I represent. Now fap on the other hand is leading the masses to self-destruction because of the overwhelming promotion of this death culture which overshadows hip-hop, which in fact is still alive. It’s just not televised.

LUCIUS: Who is someone you are really looking forward to working with someday?
TRAILBLAZZOR: I don’t really have a wish list, honestly. I just wanna see where my journey takes me and I will eventually work with who it will make sense to work with.

LUCIUS: What's the greatest bit of game that you can share with our readers and your fans?
TRAILBLAZZOR: Never box yourself in. Embrace that stressful or anxious feeling of allowing yourself to feel vulnerable because only then will be when the greatest surge of passion and excitement will eventually flow through you and allow you to be an undeniable force for any cause and/calling you represent.

LUCIUS: Are there any thanks or last shout outs you want to give?
TRAILBLAZZOR: Shout out to you, my brother! Shout out to Above The Ruckus, IndieThi3ves, #NewGA of course, and all of my extended fam. I don’t call them fans!

LUCIUS: Thanks for that. I appreciate your time.
TRAILBLAZZOR: Fa sho, bruh. Holla at me anytime if you need something!

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